5 Reasons Why Pawable Is The Best Collagen For Your Dog

When we first launched Pawable we were the first and only UK brand with a collagen formulation especially for dogs.

It’s exciting to see that the awareness of the benefits of collagen for our dogs is rapidly growing.

Here’s why we believe Pawable is the best collagen for your dog:

1. It's Our Unique Blend of Collagen Ingredients That Makes It Special

Pawable is the only canine collagen brand that includes multiple collagen types to provide a complete range of benefits.

When we talk about collagen ‘types’ we are looking at the different types of collagen that scientists have identified and grouped according to their molecular structure and how they are used in the body.

The most common collagen used is a type II, typically this comes from a bovine source.

Pawable includes a type II collagen.

However, we don’t just stop there.

Pawable also includes a unique collagen produced from eggs plus another specific cartilage matrix collagen.

pawable collagen for dogs

These extra ingredients bring a much wider range of collagen types and benefits into the mix.

In fact, unlike other brands that only provide a type II collagen, Pawable contains types I, II, III, V & X.

No other UK brand brings you a mix of all these collagen types.

The raw material costs of these extra ingredients cost TEN times the price of a standard bovine type II collagen, so they're truly a premium ingredient.

2. Our 90-Day Money Back Promise

So confident are we in our product that we offer a straightforward money back promise.

If for any reason you or your dog are unsatisfied then return it within 90 days of purchase for your money back.

We will issue a refund even if you return an empty pack.

No phone calls required. No forms to fill in. No small print.

3. Good For Your Dog. Good For The Planet.

No plastic scoops. Fully recyclable pouches.

4. Family Team

Pawable is a UK business owned and operated by a husband and wife team.

Our livelihood depends on providing the best product and exceptional service.

5. All Round Best Value

Don’t be fooled by other brands with low sticker prices.

Often these are for smaller pack sizes (Pawable comes in a 225 gram pack).

And remember, there are no surprises at checkout, we include free shipping.

So while you could expect to pay more for the additional premium ingredients only found in Pawable, when you compare cost per gram, consider free shipping and our unique formulation, we provide the best value.

Bonus Point! Award Winning....