What’s Missing From Your Dog’s Joint Supplement?

What’s Missing From Your Dog’s Joint Supplement?

Most joint supplements for dogs use the same active ingredients.

And we think something is missing!

Among the myriad of dog joint supplements most consist of very similar ingredients…glucosamine, some omega 3 (either as fish oil or green lipped mussels) and maybe one or two other extras, added in for good measure.

You may have a favourite joint care brand and you may well have seen improvements in your dog's quality of life as a result.

We certainly aren’t suggesting you stop using something that’s working.

But there is something new.

Something that could provide further improvement - specific types of collagen proteins.

You might associate collagen with beauty products, there are an abundance of marine collagen products in the beauty market.

However, the right types of collagen have far greater applications, including being a highly effective ingredient to support your dog’s joints.

There are now several clinical studies that have shown type II collagen to be effective in relieving dogs joint and arthritic pain.

In fact one recent study showed collagen to be 59% more effective than glucosamine.

After years of working with humans and hearing their feedback on the results of collagen easing their joint pain, we launched Pawable for dogs.

Pawable is the UK’s only brand providing a blend of multiple collagens formulated especially for dogs.

And we are incredibly excited at the results we are hearing every day from dog owners.

If you’re looking for something more to help your dog, then please take a moment to read our customers' reviews.

You don’t have to stop your dog’s existing joint care regime. You can use Pawable collagen in conjunction with (or instead of) any other non-collagen joint supplement.

But we really do believe that our collagen is a crucial missing ingredient and we hope that you will take our 90 day money back promise as an opportunity to find out.