Corgi Back To Enjoying Walks With This Arthritis Solution

Corgi Back To Enjoying Walks With This Arthritis Solution

Retired solicitor Gill Smith, from Rogerstone, was desperate to help adorable Pembroke Welsh corgi Lily when she was diagnosed with arthritic joints by the vet.

The 11 year-old dog was no longer able to enjoy her walks, chase her ball, and people even commented how old she was looking!

"She was finding walks much less enjoyable and needed to rest a lot. She was prescribed an anti-inflammatory, which did help but still her old happy self was not quite there.

"Despite the anti-inflammatory, Lily did not enjoy running for the ball as much and at times seemed reluctant to leave the house for exercise." Said Gill who loved to take her pet for walks in the woods.

Set on giving Lily the best chance of a normal life, Gill looked online for a solution, and learned that collagen benefits dogs in a range of ways, including helping to restore lost mobility.

So she put Lily on Collar-Gen by Pawable, the first product to come to the market specifically for dogs, to see what happened.

Gill added: "I decided to try it as we had nothing to lose, and really hoped that it would help Lily. I added it to her food. She took it, no problem.

"She took it daily and then one day, about a month after starting the regime, Lily raced across the field to retrieve her ball, and raced again, and leapt into the air and I swear she smiled! It was such a wonderful moment."

After her arthritis started Lily has been slowly gaining weight, due to not being able to move as effectively. But after starting Collar-Gen she has even lost a couple of pounds, and is looking trim and ready for summer.

"Now she waits at the door at walk time and there no more having to encourage her to go out! Life is fun again!

"Before taking the supplement people were saying - aww what an old dog. Which upset me really.

"Now if I say she is 11 they are saying - no, honestly thought she was about five."

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