Introducing Our New Recycable Packaging

Introducing Our New Recycable Packaging

There are a few things we love at Pawable, unsurprisingly, dogs is top of our list. However, not far behind our furry canine companions is the planet and the environment. With this in mind, I’m really excited to show you our brand new packaging and design!

As you can see, our packaging has undergone a complete design, and you’ll see this look continued across all our products (yes, products, more on that soon 👀). But, it’s not just the look of the packaging that has changed, that’s just the start.

Fully Recyclable

Every year, around 11 million metric tons enters our oceans and there is now 46,000 pieces in every square mile of ocean, weighing up to 269,000 tonnes. The amount is absolutely staggering. The average UK household throws away at least 40kg of plastic each year, so we feel it’s important to do all we can to help reduce this these scary figures.

Our newly designed pouches are made from a PE/PE recyclable material, this means once you’ve finished your pouch of Collar-gen, you can pop it straight into your plastic recycling waste, ready to be taken away and recycled by your local council.

Goodbye, Scoops

Secondly, we’ve ditched the scoop. There’s enough plastic in the world, we don’t need to be adding more into the mix unnecessarily. If you want to keep the scoop from your current pack, the measurement is still the same (one scoop = 1 headed teaspoon). If not, simply use a teaspoon to pop Collar-gen onto your dog’s daily meal.

Our new packaging will be rolling out shortly, so your next order may just be one of our new packets! (If it is, tag us on your favourite social network using @pawableuk)

I hope you’re all as excited about these changes as I am, and I would absolutely love your feedback, so please do get in touch.

So, is it time to re-order? If so, just visit our Collar-gen product page to stock up.