Dog suffers sudden hind leg collapse

How Lurcher, Gem, Recovered From A Sudden Onset Of Hind Leg Collapse

A dog whose owner feared that she needed wheels after her back legs gave way is back on her feet after taking collagen.

John Thornton, 71, was out walking 14 year-old Gem near his home in Llangollen, North East Wales when the poor pup's legs completely gave way.

"I turned around and saw her and it was absolutely heart-breaking, it really brought a tear to my eye as I could tell it was the start of something bad", said the retired gardener.

Once John had managed to get lurcher cross Gem home, he started to research a wheelchair for the ailing dog online, convinced that she would be disabled forever.

Gem was adopted by John as a tiny puppy, after being cruelly dumped by her former owners. The pair have been inseparable ever since, and John knew that he had to try and do the best he could for his faithful companion.

In his online searches he stumbled across Collar-gen by Pawable, the first ever collagen for dogs, and decided that it was worth a try.

He said: "I had never heard of giving collagen to dogs before, but Gem was in such a poor state I was ready to try anything to give her a better quality of life.

I was worried that she wouldn't like the taste, but she seems to really enjoy the powder, and I've even seen her licking the side of the bowl to get the rest of it.

Within two weeks I saw a heck of a difference, it was like she was her old self again - and she isn't going to need wheels any time soon."


Mobility is key to the welfare and happiness of all dogs, and Pawable says adding this supplement helps prevent arthritis and other types of inflammation which affects dogs so frequently.

The product contains five different types of hydrolysed collagen, which offer a whole array of health benefits.

Gem is now fighting fit, and enjoying her walks again with John in the Welsh countryside.

The proud owner has even decided to give collagen a try himself, to give his own mobility a boost.

John added: "I've been suffering with a few aches and pains myself, and after seeing how well Gem has done on a collagen supplement I've started taking a human one. I'm feeling better than ever now too!"