Make Fetch Happen, with Biscuit

Make Fetch Happen, with Biscuit

Getting a dog is no small undertaking, and if you’re reading this, you probably already know that. But for me, one of the best things about having dogs is the walks, it’s great for not only your physical health, but also your mental health too. Having a dog means you need to go out, your dog needs it’s daily exercise, and even on the days you don’t feel up to it, as soon as you’re out there, you love it (even if it is a bit chilly like this week!).

The best reward is looking down at your dog and seeing their living their best life, taking in the smells and “visiting” their favourite lamppost. But, what if walking your dog could be even more rewarding, for both you and your dog?

Introducing Biscuit. Biscuit is the app that rewards you every time you take your furry pal out for walkies, here’s how it works. Every time you walk your dog, you earn biscuits (points), these biscuits can be used to redeem rewards, not only for you but also for your dog too! You can spend your points on a variety of rewards including vouchers from brands such as National Trust and Deliveroo, all the way through to dog food brands and even exclusive Pawable discount codes!

Going for walkies isn’t the only way you can earn Biscuits, you can earn badges for tasks such as adding your dogs microchip details, and badges mean more biscuits.

The app also helps you hit your daily walkies goals, Biscuit sets personalised daily and weekly activity goals so you know your dog is getting the activity it needs depending on it’s breed and age.

We all know how important it is to get your dog out for it’s daily walk, and Biscuit helps bring even more fun to each walk. Just simply start the Biscuit app up before you go on your walk and watch your Biscuits add up with every walk.

Find out more about Biscuit by visiting the Biscuit Pet Care website or simply search ‘Biscuit Pet Care’ in your phones app store.

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