Working Dog Able To Enjoy Favourite Sport Even Longer Thanks To Collagen

Working Dog Able To Enjoy Favourite Sport Even Longer Thanks To Collagen

A working Springer Spaniel gets a new lease of life. Six-year-old working dog Fergus from Anfield, takes part in shoots between October and February every year, and relishes the long days out in the fields.

But in recent times the talented dog, who trained under Crufts gun dog legend Adrian Slater, was starting to get stiff, and his owner Tony Duffy feared the worst.

He’s so active, but the rough terrain puts more pressure on a gun dog than other type of dog.

I started to notice that when he was getting up after a rest he was getting stiff, and knew I needed to find something to help him. I had never thought of collagen until I saw an advert online, and the change in him even within two months was amazing.”, said Tony, a warehouse supervisor.

Walking on uneven ground, such as a ploughed field can put extra strain on the joints and muscles of gun dogs, and most retire at around nine years old. But Tony hopes that now Fergus is taking collagen he will be able to enjoy his favourite sport for even longer.

Though usually considered as a human beauty supplement, collagen is a protein that is found in skin and connective tissues like joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments.

In fact clinical research has proven that supplementing with the right types of collagen decrease inflammation, reduces pain and supports healthy cartilage as well as reducing arthritic pain.

Tony added: “On shoots and walks I’m always telling people about Pawable. It has made such a difference to Fergus, and it will help him enjoy his activities for as long as possible.

Fergus loves doing what he was born to do, and it’s my job to support him in every way that I can.”

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