Nesquik Enjoys Faster Recovery From Angular Limb Surgery

Nesquik Enjoys Faster Recovery From Angular Limb Surgery

A Byfleet massage therapist who owns a special needs collie has used her training in human physiology to treat her pet in a very unusual way.

Catriona Lecornu, 36, brought home border collie Nesquik 18 months ago, and after eight months together it became clear that all was not well.

Nesquik was the runt of the litter, and had severe weakness in her right leg, needing surgery after the limb stopped growing. She also has ongoing elbow dysplasia.

The adorable dog was left with a permanent limp, and Catriona was determined to find ways to improve her beloved pet's quality of life.

So she turned to her training, and started Nesquik on a collagen supplement, hoping that the benefits would help the pup as much as they help humans.

"In my work I know how much collagen benefits humans as part of the healing process, so when I saw that there was a collagen product for dogs I knew I needed to give it a try.

"Nesquik's limp started to show at six months old and an x-ray confirmed ED and a shortened ulna, so the operation was booked and she had that at eight months-old.

"Being a border collie Nesquik loves to move, and having to have her on so much crate rest was affecting her quality of life", said Catriona, who has two other dogs Ollie and Pip.

Catriona initially bought three packs of Collar-Gen by Pawable, thinking she would give it a try. But when the packs ran out and she saw the difference in Nesquick without the supplement she quickly ordered more.

"At first I didn't know whether the changes in Nesquik were due to healing or the supplement, but when it ran out and I saw her without it, I knew that she was going to be on it for life. I know many people think of collagen as something that people take as a beauty booster, but it's really helped Nesquik achieve a happy life", she added.

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