Blind Therapy Dog Finds Relief From Luxating Patella

Blind Therapy Dog Finds Relief From Luxating Patella

When you first see adorable Peps, who lives in Wendover with his owner Claire Childs, he could be a guide dog, with his Labrador-type looks and calm personality.

But the five year old pup has a very different story to tell.

He was rescued from Egypt by the charity Miracle's Mission.

Since Peps, who is an Egyptian Sighthound crossbreed, came to Wendover two years ago, he has been treated for a number of health problems, and suffers with luxating patella.

Claire, said: "When he was first rescued the rest of his family had been poisoned, he was saved with his brother and his rescuers didn't know straight away that he was blind. But after six months his brother got adopted, and they realised that he just couldn't see anything, because his brother had been helping him.

"He doesn't need an operation on his knees but we have been told that he has to strengthen and build muscle."

Now happily living in Wendover, Claire wanted to find an activity that Peps could enjoy that would be mentally stimulating, and friends suggested that he become a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog.

"He really loves it."

claire and peps

In his role as a PAT dog, Peps visits Ruby Ward at the Whiteleaf Centre in Aylesbury. During the heart-warming visits, the gentle dog meets people who are having to stay in hospital, and cheers them up with cuddles.

But until recently Peps was still having to take medication.

Until Claire discovered that a new supplement might be able to help him.

Claire started giving Peps Collar-Gen by Pawable, which is the first product of its kind.

Though usually known as a human beauty supplement, collagen is a protein that is found in skin and connective tissues like joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments.

Research has found that collagen has an extremely positive effect on the strength of bones, skin and coat while supporting cartilage and reducing inflammation.

And the results have been amazing, meaning that the kind-hearted dog can enjoy life even more, and no longer takes any medication.

Claire added: "Peps has never been able to see and he doesn't know any different, this is just his life. But since he started on the Collar-Gen things have changed.

"I've noticed on his walk, he used to just trot along behind me, but now he goes off by himself a bit, and scent marks too which he never used to do before.

"He moves quicker and does a bit of running, which he didn't do either and he was on a probiotic before but doesn't need to take it anymore.

"Peps does so much for others, and has had so many struggles in life, so it's been amazing to give him something which has enriched his life so much."


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