Rescue With Untreatable Badly Healed Fracture Back To Living Life To The Full

Rescue With Untreatable Badly Healed Fracture Back To Living Life To The Full

A brave rescue dog whose quality of life was affected by injuries sustained on a Slovenian rubbish dump is now enjoying her walks thanks to taking collagen.

Karen Couper, who lives in Bosley, Macclesfield adopted two and a half year old Cupka in February.

The friendly and sociable terrier crossbreed was rescued from a rubbish dump in Slovenia, and as Karen got to know her new pet she noticed that her mobility was impaired.

When Karen took Cupka to the vet she was told that the dog had a badly healed fracture, and also a displaced hip, and that nothing could be done to treat the condition now.

But undeterred, Karen went online to try and find a solution and give Cupka a better quality of life.

"Whenever I took her out for a walk she would limp, and we were told it was due to her ordeal in Slovenia. It was so sad and I was desperate to do something to make her more comfortable.

"She is only a young dog, so it felt wrong that her quality of life would be affected from such an early age.

"I found the Pawable Collar-gen supplement, and thought I would give it a go, and within a month the difference in Cupka was so noticeable, she is like a new dog and loves going to our local dog friendly field and playing with the other pets", said nurse practitioner Karen, 62.

Collar-Gen by Pawable works by providing the body with a rich mix of amino acids proline, glycine and hydroxyproline along with dipeptides.

Mobility is key to the welfare and happiness of all dogs, and Pawable says adding this supplement helps reduce arthritis pain and other types of inflammation which affects dogs so frequently.

The product contains five different types of hydrolysed collagen, which offer a whole array of health benefits..

Karen added: "Cupka really is a little rascal and is living her life to the full. It is so lovely to see. It does seem strange giving collagen to a dog, but it has worked wonders for her."

karen and cupka


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