An unusual solution to this Cavalier's worrying cold-weather limp

An unusual solution to this Cavalier's worrying cold-weather limp

A cucumber-loving canine who developed a worrying limp is back to chasing his toys again after his owner tried him on Collar-Gen.

Rolo the cavalier King Charles spaniel lives in Loughborough with company director Mike van Bunnens, 50.

The cheeky ten-and-a-half year old loves a walk, and it was during these daily activities that Mike noticed that Rolo, was starting to limp and was slowing down when the weather was colder.

So together with wife Ruth and daughters Naomi, 20 and Lauren, 17 the family began researching ways to help Rolo get back to his best, with surprising results.

After some internet searching the family came across collagen as an option, and though the product is known as a traditional human beauty supplement they decided to give it a try.

Mike said: "Rolo has been slowing down quite a lot and had, for the last few years, started to limp a bit when it was cold.

"The vet just said it was age and there wasn’t much we could do.

"I saw the Collar-Gen product by Pawable advertised and thought I’d give it a go. Having used it now for over a year, we’d not stop. His limping is greatly reduced and he still loves to chase his toys for a bit before walks. We’ve noticed a definite improvement in his walking and feel that this is down to the dog collagen supplements."

rolo collar-gen

The family has cared for Rolo since he was 12 weeks old, getting him just six months after losing previous 12 year-old cavalier Zack, when they couldn't bear to not have a dog.

Mike added: "He’s our best friend and it’s sad to see him getting older, we miss him if we go away and look forward every morning to seeing him and his ‘sister’ Rosie. He also loves cucumber, which is inexplicably his favourite food.

"I know that collagen sounds like a strange thing to feed a dog, but I would actually recommend starting much earlier than we did with Rolo, as I believe it might help delay aches and pains."

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