How Collagen Supported Mileys Recovery From A Painful Ruptured Spine

How Collagen Supported Mileys Recovery From A Painful Ruptured Spine

A dog is so much more than just a pet, and when RAF Defence Trainer Jonathon Mawdsley's beloved pet Miley suffered a horrific back injury it affected his health too.

Jonathon works at RAF Halton, and loves to walk nine year-old Miley, which helps manage his own mental health following tours of duty.

But in July 2022, the very worst happened.

An incident which set Jonathon and his partner prison officer Sarah on a path to help Miley's recovery by any means necessary.

Jonathon said: "After a long day at work I decided to take Miley for a walk as we normally do, but her being full of energy I wanted to take her small rugby ball to play with.

"she sprinted after the ball, it bounced to the right and as she turned, she slid on her rear end in the seated position, at the same time she yelped.

"At first I thought she had burned her behind on the ground as it was dry, but when I saw her trying to get up I then realised it was something more serious.

When I got to her, she could only move her front legs, not the rear. A kind gentleman heard this happen and offered help.

"We carried her to our house which was a mile away, and rushed her to the vets. When they saw her they said it was not good, she had no feeling in her back paws, they said they needed to get her to a specialist."

Miley needed a specialist vet, who diagnosed Miley with a painful ruptured spine, with one of her vertebrae puncturing her spinal system.

Despite the horrific injury Miley thankfully did not need surgery, but Jonathon and Sarah were warned that she faced a very long road to recovery.

"On the first night we had to leave her and we were unsure if that would be the last time we would get to see her alive.

"Without Miley there is no way I would be able to cope, she has been my mindfulness support from tours away, my relaxation when walking and my everything to keep us going and getting us out the house.

For six months Miley was unable to even wag her tail, and the couple used a harness to help the poorly pup carry some of her weight.

It was a year before she was able to fully carry her own weight, and Miley still was not back to her best and could not walk long distances.

But after a chance meeting while out on a short walk, Jonathon discovered that a new supplement could help speed up Miley's recovery, and help them both start living life to the full again.

"It has been a long road and after nine months we saw that her progress was levelling out at physio, and while on a walk we met this lovely couple who recommended Collar-Gen by Pawable

"We thought why not try this, they kindly gave us a bag and she has been on it ever since. It has helped with walks, we were only able to go on short walks as she would be stiff and unable to walk properly afterwards, but since being on Collar-Gen we take her on two walks a day and she is able to do the same the next day as well.

"Since being on it we have been signed off from physio and walking up to 90 minutes now with ease. she will always have a slight limp in her legs now but we are just happy to have her back happy, excitable and full of energy, but most of all being able to walk freely and enjoy life."


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