Vet Stumped By Schnauzers Scary Skin Condition Until Owner Finds Solution

Vet Stumped By Schnauzers Scary Skin Condition Until Owner Finds Solution

A miniature schnauzer with bags of character whose online antics help teach children to read is back to his best after suffering a scary skin condition.

Ordinarily Mr Eric, from Lincoln, is ready for anything, from his antics enjoying pup cakes in his favourite cafe and his questionable efforts at canine agility have been well documented on his Facebook page, which is a hit with children and adults alike.

But the ten year-old pup who lives with his owner Helen Stothard-Holland, started to lose fur in June this year, and his skin adopted the texture of leather.

Fearing the rescue dog had a dangerous condition, NHS worker Helen took Mr Eric to the vet, but test results came back all clear.

But the fur on Mr Eric's head and back continued to fall out, and determined to help him, Helen started researching natural options.

She said: "He is such a happy dog and will give anything a try, he loves the Craftea Cafe and looks right at the kitchen the whole time until the pup cakes come out. He's tried agility and even heelwork to music, all with hilarious effect as he doesn't concentrate.

"We have had some great feedback about his blog, with people even saying that the way I write the posts is helping their children learn to read, it's all done from Eric's point of view so kids love it. He should write a book.

"It was so scary when Eric's fur started to fall out, especially when we couldn't get a definitive answer from the vet. The situation was getting worse and worse and I wanted to find something to help him urgently, that's when I found the collagen."

Helen listened to Anna Webb's A Dog's Life Podcast, and heard an episode about the benefits of collagen for dogs, particularly for their joints, skin and coat.

Pawable's Collar-Gen supplement is unique, being the only collagen for dogs supplement that provides five types of collagen.

And dog owners have been overjoyed with the results in their pets.

Helen added: "The fur regrowth was incredible and he wasn't picking and scratching anymore. By August he was completely back to normal and I can tell that he is enjoying life much more again. It's been so good I'm even taking it!

"Mr Eric is obviously very pleased with the results and is enjoying his adventures again, so watch this space on the blog."


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