Pawsitivity - Nell and Hari

Pawsitivity - Nell and Hari

I wish more owners of senior pets were aware of the benefits of protecting against the loss of collagen in the body as pets age, and the benefits of restoring it.

I hope my review will help others - as a very old dog who was not expected to respond that well to late supplementation, has seen his quality of life start to improve with Collar-gen. For owners of senior pets who know how cruel old age can be - even small changes are wonderful to see.

Hari had always been a super active, happy spaniel running miles a day across open fields. But at 13, a few years ago now, he had a vestibular attack and during his recovery he lost muscle and body strength. Six months later he seemed back to his crazy self - but we started to notice his back legs appeared to be a bit weak.

Over the next two years it was hard to watch Hari begin to struggle as he became less active, and see further loss of muscle in his back legs. We managed any discomfort, took him to therapy, gave him supplements - but despite his and our best endeavors, his back legs were still collapsing under him, probably now more often. Apart from this he was generally ok. We decided there must be something else to help... but what? It was then we read about Pawable Collar-gen.

Hari is now 16 years old and has been on Pawable Collar-gen for 6 weeks. We didn't expect miracles as his condition was well established and he is so old - and although we didn't see much difference in the first month, we ordered another pack to continue - to give it time - and we are glad we did.

In month 2 we have started to see some changes. We have noticed how sometimes lately, when expecting to have to help him, he has had enough strength in his back legs to re-gain his own balance. Then the other day - before we could stop him, he jumped down a good-sized step and to our surprise, remained upright and no injury! May be a one-off - but we wouldn't have thought it even possible before.

So anyone with senior pets please try this product, and give it time if needed. To see even little changes in a much loved senior pet's quality of life, is a wonderful gift.

pawsitivity - nell and hari