Squirrel Induced Cruciate Damage Relieved By This Protein

Squirrel Induced Cruciate Damage Relieved By This Protein

A plucky border terrier who sustained serious rear leg injuries after two squirrel-chasing incidents is back to his best with this collagen supplement.

Nine year-old Sykes, who lives in Maidstone with owner Simon Weedon, 65 was no longer able to even cock his leg after the two upsetting incidents, in which he sustained serious damage to cruciate ligaments in both rear legs.

Simon took him to the vets who prescribed pain killers, but he was warned that there was a chance the condition could get even worse.

"He's a Border Terrier and is really well trained, but if there is a cat, squirrel or rabbit in his eye line he just can't handle it, and his chase instinct kicks in.

"The vet said they could operate, but because it was quite likely that it would happen again, it was best for him just to have painkillers. It was awful because his quality of life really changed and he couldn't even cock his leg to go for a wee". 

Following the sad incidents Simon looked for alternative ways to help Sykes, and came across Pawable's Collar-Gen, a supplement which is said to boost general health, as well as improve joint and muscular issues.

Though usually known as a human beauty supplement, collagen is a protein that is found in skin and connective tissues like joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments.

Simon added: "It's amazing the transformation, he's doing exactly what he wants to do again, and can even stand up on both legs when he gets excited about something. It's a powder so he doesn't even notice it in his food so it's really easy to give. He's been having it for 18 months and I'll never stop giving it to him. He's doing really well."

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