Frequently Asked Questions

"Who's a good boy? Are you going to eat that? When are we going for walkies?"

If you're looking for answers to life's big questions, here's a good place to start..

My dog is on medication, can it also have Collar-gen?

Yes, there are no contraindications, this is a health supplement rather than a pharmaceutical. However, if you have any concerns we recommend you refer to your vet.

How much is one serving?

The daily recommended doseage is different depending on the weight of your dog, check out our handy guide below:

Small Dog: up to 10kg
1 level teaspoon

Medium Dog: 11kg - 22kg
2 level teaspoons

Large Dog: 22kg - 39kg
3 level teaspoons

Extra Large Dog: 40kg+
4 level teaspoons

How long will one pack last?

This depends on the weight of your dog, here is how long one pack will last you:

Small Dog: up to 10kg
90 days

Medium Dog: 11kg - 22kg
60 days

Large Dog: 22kg - 39kg
30 days

Extra Large Dog: 40kg+
20 days

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Yes! Our new packaging is made from a recyclable material meaning once you've finished your pack you can pop it straight into your plastic recycling from your local council to collect.

Why hydrolysed collagen?

To increase its bio-availability, which means it's more easily absorbed into the body and prove more effective.

What is a group of pugs called?

A grumble. Now you know.

Oh, bit of a William Shakes-paw are you?

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