Keeping Your Dog Calm This Firework Season

Keeping Your Dog Calm This Firework Season

There was a time, long ago when fireworks night meant fireworks “night”, however, over the years this has changed. Firework season these days seems to run from early October, all the way through to the new year. For a lot of dogs, this can be a really stressful time. In this blog we are taking a look at ways you can keep your dog calm and happy during firework season.

Daylight Walkies

By sticking to daylight walkies, you’re ensuring there won’t be any unexpected bangs when you’re out walking. If your daily routine doesn’t allow you to avoid evening walks, then be sure to stick to lead only walks, just in case your dog gets spooked.

Dog Friendly Music

Music can have a profound effect on dogs moods and stress levels, there’s a reason why many rescue centres radio station of choice is Classic FM. Every year Classic FM even host a “Pet Classics” show, playing nothing but relaxing classical music to help calm your pup down. You’ll also find loads of dog friendly classical music playlists on your favourite streaming service. We’d recommended Elgar’s 'Nimrod' over the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky!

Try ‘Calming’

Calming is our brand new 100% natural calming supplement to help reduce stress and anxiety in your dog. It contains only carefully selected ingredients all included to help your dog stay stress-free and happy during firework season, or any times they may fine stressful. Visit the Pawable 'Calming' product page here. 

Distract Your Dog

You don’t always need to go on a 20-mile hike to tired your dog out, actively stimulating their mind can be just as exhausting for them. A snuffle matt, or treat puzzles can keep dogs distracted for a long time. Not only will they be distracted by trying to get the treat out of the mat or the puzzle, they’ll also be tired once they do finally get to the treat!

Keep Yourself Calm

The are more and more studies emerging that show dogs can sense when their owners are feeling stressed, so it’s important for you to try and stay relaxed. If you worry that your dog is worrying then that’s only going to cause your dog to worry…it’s a vicious cycle. So stay calm, to help keep your dog calm.

One Last Thing

Keeping your dog inside should really be a top priority, but sometimes accidents happen, or they need to go outside before accidents happen. So, make sure your garden is fully secured and all gates are locked earlier on in the day just in case they are spooked. Also ensure your dog’s microchip details are up to date, if the worst does happen.

A combination of all these things should help you and your dog have a happy and less stressful fireworks season.